Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Hair Care Routine

Hi Guys,
Long time no speak, well a week! But I'm sorry, college is getting a bit crazy at the moment so I haven't had much time for blogging! I went shopping today to buy my Mum and Chloe's Christmas presents, but I can't really post that as they'd see! So I thought I'd let you know about my hair care routine!

I don't usually stick to one shampoo and conditoner, but at the moment I have been loving the Body Shops Banana Shampoo and Conditioner, it smells gorgeous and makes my hair feel really clean and soft!

Once a week I like to give my hair a bit of a treat, as I usually style my hair with straightners or curling tongs I thought I'd try out the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - Reconstructer Deep Conditioner. Let me tell you, it is AMAZING if there's one product that I recommend you try out of all of the ones I'll show you this is it! My hair automatically feels thicker and moisturised!

Now on to after i've washed my hair! While my hair is still damp, before I dry it, I like to use a couple of drops of the VO5 Miracle Reconstructer, it smells amazing aswell as making my hair feel less frizzy, and helping my split ends!

If I am going to straighten my hair I love to use the Tresemme Salon Sleek Smooth Memory Straightening Spray, it contains Argan Oil which really helps to smooth out my hair (which is incredibly curly!!!) and whenever I use this product my hair stays straight all day!

If I'm having a curly or wavy hair day, I like to use the VO5 heat protect styling spray! It works really well and can take heat up to 230 degrees!

What are your favourite hair care products? Let me know!

Stay Beautiful,
Hannah x


  1. i don't actually use a lot hair products xD i'm too lazy for that.

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  2. I'm a sucker for Herbal Essences, they smell so good!!

  3. My favorite hair care products are usually from herbal essences and John Frieda! <3
    I really want to try the banana shampoo and conditioner!

  4. I use the body shop banana shampoo and conditioner!! Love it! And the smell! Mmmmm. I love the Aussie 3 minute miracle As well, makes my hair so soft!