Thursday, 5 January 2012

Little Drugstore Haul!

Hi Guys,
So college is back in full swing, and the work is piling up once again, so I apologise if I'm not posting as frequently as normal but I'm going to try! So as some of you know I have a part time job, what you may not know is that it is in a Chemists which means I am constantly surrounded by makeup and beauty products with a discount! Anyway I also popped into my local Superdrug over the past couple of days so here are a few things I've picked up!

  • The first thing I got was the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy in Superdrug for £3.49 on special offer! I love love love aussie products and my hair is a bit frizzy in this lovely english weather right now wo hopefully this will work! 
  • The next things were the Garnier Skin Naturals Comforting Cleansing Milk and Soothing Toner from my work for £1.99 each! One of my new years resolutions was to keep ontop of my skincare rather than just using facial wipes so I'm starting a new skin care routine! If it works I'll do a post :)
  • I also got the Garnier Fresh Essentials 24 Hour Hyrdating Day Cream from Superdrug, it was about £3.50 on sale!
  • Now I'd love to know you guy's opinion on this because the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner oly cost £4.99 so I thought why not try it? If you have tried it let me know what you think :)
  • Finally I purchased the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer for £3.99 on sale once again at my work! I've been using this for the past few days and so far I love it!
Sorry this is such a quick post! Let me know if you have tried any of these products! I'll speak to you all very soon!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx


  1. Ooh! Great sales! I should get some stuff like that. I've been neglecting my hair horribly... and my skin... oops...

    As far as the gel liner, I don't think I've tried the one you bought but i have the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner and I love it! Let me know how you feel about the one you bought!


  2. The gel eyeliner is amazing! i cannot live without it! at all! its so easy to apply with the brush, it stays on your waterline from when you go to school/collage, till the night. Gives an amazing dramatic look!


  3. aussie 3 minute miracle is lovely. :)


  4. I was thinking of trying dry shampoo. Have you tried it before? And if you did, which one would you recommend?