Thursday, 3 November 2011

Autumn/Winter Favourites - Nail Polish

Hi guys, it seems that the cold weather has finally set in here in the UK, even though I love summer, I love wearing the darker nail polishes, so I am going to share my Top 5 Fall Nail Polishes! The swatches are not mine, as I'm still getting used to the whole lighting situation! So here goes!

 1. H&M - Dust & Diamonds £2.99
I absolutely adore this gorgeous taupe colour, last year this was my go to polish as it was so cheap and applied really nicely! (Swatch Below)

2. Nails Inc - Hampstead Heath - £11
So the above picture is another example of my wonderful lighting! Anyway this is the perfect red shade for me, especially in the winter, as it's not too bright and not too dark.

 3. MAC - Rain Of Flowers (Limited Edition) - £9
My Dad actually chose this for me while on a business trip in the States, and I absolutely love it! The colour is described as a 'blackened violet' and it's beautiful. I actually recieved a couple of compliments from complete strangers at work when wearing this haha! I believe you can still buy this colour online :)

4. Sally Hansen - Plum's The Word £6.99
This is probably one of the most unusual solid colours in my nail polish collection, I think that it would flatter pretty much any skin tone! In the UK I believe these polishes are only sold in selected Boots stores and online, as I had to purchase mine in London rather than my local store. I'm glad I did though because this colour is so wearable!

 5. Essie - Chinchilly - (Price Varies online)
Chinchilly is a stunning greyish colour with a very slight lilac undertone (that might be just me!!) and one of my most worn polishes! I love the consistency of Essie polishes as I only need to apply two coats! I'd say the swatch below is possibly a little lighter than when actually applied.

What are your favourite Winter polishes? What's your favourite one of my picks and have you tried any of these polishes? Let me know :)
Also if you have any requests for posts please let me know!
Stay Beautiful,
Hannah x


  1. I Love that MAC rain of colors! It is such a interesting and beautiful color! :)

    xox, M

  2. These are all beautiful. I love H&M nailpolish!

    I think you'll like my blog.

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    Xox Soph