Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Years Tag!

Hi Guys,

So Christmas is officially over BUT we still have New Years Eve and the a lovely New Year ahead! So I thought I'd start off by posting a New Years Tag I found! I hope you all do it, please comment if you do :)

11 Highlights Of 2011

  1. Going to New York for the first time!
2. Going to Italy with my family and seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa! (that's me and my Mum at the bottom haha!)

3. Going to The Wanted concert in Billericay (Essex) with 3 of my bestfriends in the summer :)

4. My two weeks work experience in London! 
5. Getting accepted into all 5 of my universities
6. Becoming friends with all of my lovely college friends I feel like I've known them forever! :) 
7. Going on holiday to the Cotswolds with my sister, parents, grandparents and friend!
8. Starting my blog and getting to know some of you lovelies!
9. Being in the audience for the XFactor auditions :)

10. Passing my AS Exams
11. This Christmas :)

    12 Goals Of 2012
    1. To pass my ALevels.
    2. To start uni and love it!
    3. To read the Hunger Games books.
    4. To do more excercise!
    5. I'd like to buy Chloe a really good present for our 18th!
    6. I'd like to apply for Camp America in 2013
    7. If she comes to the UK this year I'd like to see Taylor Swift in concert!
    8. I'd love to skydive (maybe!)
    9. To go a week without using heat on my hair (eek!)
    10. To go to California (Currently trying to persuade my parents!)
    11. To raise money for charity :)
    12. To save more money!!

    Number 1 Product Of 2011

    This was a really hard question for me but I'd probably say the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, I use it every day :)

    What Was Your Most Loved TV Show Of 2011?

    Another hard question,but as I'm a reality TV junkie, I'd probably say this years series of I'm A Celebrity get Me Out of Here! I absolutely loved the conestants and was so happy that Dougie (from McFly) won and Mark Wright came second! They were both lovely guys, and from Essex which made it even better!

    What Was Your Most Loved Song Of 2011?

    Choosing one song is sooooo difficult! SO I'm going to do my own version of the question and do my favourite song from a male and female singer and then band! :D
    • Male Singer - Ed Sheeran - The A Team - What can I say? I absolutely adore Ed Sheeran, he's just so cute isn't he? He has such an amazing voice, and the lyrics are amazing!
    • Female Singer - Adele - Set Fire To The Rain - I'm pretty sure everyone knows and loves Adele, so she needs no introduction, but this song is absolutely amazing! I had it on repeat for God knows how long!
    • Band -  The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris - Now this song most certainly wasn't new to 2011 BUT it is one of my all time favourite songs, also as mentioned above I went to see the Wanted in August who did a cover of this song, which was amazing! The best atmosphere ever :) So there you go!

    What Was Your Worst Decision/Flaw Of 2011?

    I can't pin point any particularly awful decisions that I've made, but I'd say my worst flaw was probably over thinking things and worrying, especially when it comes to exams etc! 

    What Were Your Most Visited Websites Of 2011?
    • Facebook + Twitter - as are pretty much everyones!
    • Spark Notes - Unfortunately haha - having said that it really helps with my English Lit Revision :)
    • Tetris Friends - Okay fun fact, when I'm extremely bored I play tetris! Okay. Let's move on....
    • ASOS, TopShop, Lush, NewLook - I like online shopping :D
    Let me know if you do this tag, I would love to hear all of you answers! I plan on doing a haul of some of the things I got in the Sales over the past few days so look out for that. Also remember that there is only two days to enter my Sleek Palette Giveaway! Until next time,

    Stay Beautiful,

    Hannah xx


      1. It seems as though you've had a very successful year! That's wonderful! Here, here to another great one!


      2. I love every song you listed!
        And it's so cool that you got to be in the XFactor audience!!
        It's my dream to go to NY <3

      3. you should try going longer without heat in your hair! i went a month and i just had to find ways to make my hair look nice, my hair is sort of wavy and straight so it looks like i slept on one side lol.

        GOOD LUCK!