Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mini Lush and Forever 21 Haul - Westfields Stratford

Hi Guys,

Me and my sister Chloe decided to have some sisterly bonding yesterday and went to the new Westfields Shopping centre in Stratford, which is where the 2012 Olympic Stadium has been built! We both went with the intention of buying Christmas presents but that didn't exactly happen :') So I got a few things from Lush and  Forever 21 (Which is SO much better than the Oxford Street store!!!) I'll link all of the products so you can check them out :)

This is an overview of the things I got from Lush! I thought I'd try some bathbombs that I haven't tried before :) The bags are so cute for Christmas, they even have a space where you can write who the gift is to and from, if you are giving the products to someone as a present!

This is one of the Christmas bath bombs, and in my opinion it smells what I think of when I think of Christmas! It smells of Almond, Cinnamon and Orange, and contains popping candy to make it crackle and fizz! I'm so excited to try it out :)

Another Christmas Product that I couldn't resist simply because it looks so cute! This bath bomb smells of Marzipan which I love, and it's so inexpensive for a Lush product so I thoguht why not? I'm looking forward to trying this out on a freezing cold night!!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb - £2.95
As some of you might know one of my absolute favourite Lush products is the it's Raining Men shower gel, and I also love the Honey I Washed the Kids soap! So when I realised I hadn't tried the bath bomb version I HAD to buy it! I am ridiculousy excited to try this :) If you like honey and caramel I would definetly recommend you pick this up!

I saw this necklace and was immediately drawn to it! I loved the detail and the brown beads were such a beautiful colour with a hint of glitter in them! I actually got this necklace for £5.18 as there was a 30% off sale on ALL Jewellery! (How amazing is that?!) To be honest I wanted to buy so much more but I have to save for Christmas presents! Below is a picture of the necklace on, although I wouldn't wear it with this top haha!

I hope you like this haul! Let me know if you have any ideas for posts :)
Chloe and I had a great day shopping! If you'd like to know a bit more about us we did a sister tag! 
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Stay Beautiful,
Hannah x


  1. great haul! looks like you bought a lot of cute things. lovely blog xx

  2. Great post sis, thanks for the links! <333


  3. Awesome haul! I love the Lush purchases! I want to buy more from Lush, but I need to finish up the ones I have first.

  4. omg! Honey i washed the kids is my favourite too!! You'll love cinders, use it on a cold winter night, so relaxing! Love the necklace too, looks great on!