Saturday, 12 November 2011

Newlook, LUSH, Paperchase and Book Haul, and something extra :)

Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't posted all week, it's been a bit hectic as my university applications have just been sent, and I've had a ton of homework / coursework!!! Anyways, I went shopping with my Mum and Nan today so I thought I'd do a little haul of the things I got :) There are a couple of Christmas presents too!

The first thing I got was these boots from Newlook which were £24.99 I love boots like this in the cold weather!

One of my friends absolutely loves the Union Jack and British things, so I got her this notebook from Paperchase which was £7.00, it's a sort of canvas material which feels really nice!

I was also in The Works before college on Friday as my college is next to my town centre! I absolutely love the Pretty Little Liars books, and saw that they has The Lying Game by Sara Shephard for £1.99!!! If any of you gys have read it let me know what you think :)

One of my favourite things about Lush is the Christmas gifts! I'm not sure which one of my friends I am going to give it to, but I absolutely love this 'Have a Sweet Christmas' gift set which contains the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Angels Delight Soap, which both smell lovely :) It costs £5.95 and is beautifully wrapped!

Once again I met some lovely, helpful Lush staff who gave me two Honey Bee Bath Bombs for free!!! (Amazing right?!) Usually when there is a dent or something has fallen off they keep back a few for free :) Another reason why I love Lush!

The next thing I got was the GingerBread House Bubble Bar which I have never tried before! It smell absolutely gorgeous like a gingerbread man basically haha! It costs £2.95 :)

The final thing I got from Lush was the Melting Snowman Bath Melt which was only £1.95 and if you like marzipanish (not a word Hannah!!!) smells then you will love this :) One other thing I never noticed before was that there is real chocolate chips inside!

The final item I got is probably the most important, if you live in the UK you'll know that next Friday is Children in Need, they are selling these wristbands in Greggs, Boots and a few other shops for £1, they come in white with multicoloured spots, blue with multicoloured spots and black with gold spots!I will be wearing mine alla week, I think they are really cute! If you can spare a pound then this will really help so many children :) Atleast 65p in every pound will go to Children in Need!

I hope you've enjoyed this haul! Let me know if you have any blog post ideas :) Also what's your favourite product? Have a lovely weekend :)

Stay Beautiful,
Hannah xx


  1. nice boots :) You have a great blog! I follow you :) ♥