About Me

Hello Lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by my 'About Me' page. I guess I should really tell you more about me than what's in that tiny box on the side of my blog. Well, let's start off with the basics, I am a 19 year old girl from Essex in England, I have a lovely twin sister named Chloe who has a blog you might have heard of www.chloesway.com we look absolutely nothing alike, I have dark hair, she has blonde hair. I'm 5,8" she's 5,5". I wear glasses, she doesn't. She's amazing at art, and well I'm not haha! You get the picture :)

I'm currently studying Sociology and Social Science with Criminology at University, in the beautiful city of Canterbury! I've made some amazing friends, learnt a lot about myself and am generally having the time of my life!

Just so you know there are a few things that I am obsessed with, nail polish being one of them - I kind of collect it. Lush, well I love Lush, I've pretty much decided that the next part time job I get has to be there firstly because I've never met a horrible member of staff at any of the many Lush stores I've been in, secondly because one of them told me that the staff discount is 50% off?!?! and for obvious last reasons everything smells amazing! Okay, moving on, another HUGE obsession of mine is The Hunger Games, I can't even describe how much I love it, I've seen the movie at the cinema 4 times, I've read all three books and I cannot get enough. I love all of the characters and I love how for once there is a strong female protagonist. I've also pretty much decided that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best people in the world, after sitting in my room eating rather large amounts of chocolate and watching numerous amounts of interviews I've discovered that she is absolutely hilarious. Not to mention she's just as goofy and clumsy as I am saying things at inappropriate times and seems like a genuinely lovely person. I don't think I'd mind working with Josh Hutcherson either haha (I <3 him!)

One of my biggest role models in life is Taylor Swift. I love how even though she is this massive star, she stays down to earth, doesn't get caught up in drugs or alcohol and remains a wonderful rolemodel to young girls. She dresses beautifully and writes songs that are so relatable. As some of you may have noticed the quote at the top of my blog is from Taylor Swift “Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn’t need a man; be that girl who never backed down.” This is something that I really try to live my life by, to me this doesn't mean stay single forever and don't ever ask for help, it just means don't be afraid to be who you want to be, jump head first into situations and be independent. I try to live my life to the fullest every single day, whether that's trying something completely new and scary, travelling, completing some sort of task, seeing my friends, writing a blog post or just hanging out with my family. Whether an exeperience is good or bad it will help you to learn something, which in turn shapes the person you become and that's pretty cool!

I also have a thing where I feel the need to collect tickets, pictures etc and put them on the two cork boards in my room. I also love to write down quotes I love and stick them on there too. When I'm having a bad day or a down moment I look at them and realise how lovely life can be! Little things in life like my best friends kitten, glitter, cheesecake, a song I like coming on when I'm shopping, the sun shining, a stranger smiling at you (not in a creepy way), finding that perfect shade of nail polish, the ShayTards, having a chat with one of my friends all make my day 100 times better and I think the key  to living a happy life is to let the little things make you happy.

If I'm not online blogging or doing college work, you'll find me dancing and singing into a hair brush to cheesy 90s songs with my friends, reading a book, shopping for unnecessary items that seem completely necessary at the time, or rambling on about the silliest things from how each of my friends are clearly going to marry some sort of celebrity, to how we want Karen from Outnumbered to be our child to our obession with the Cat Paint app!

Okay so, I've been rambling on for a rather long time now, and a lot of you must think I'm pretty weird by now haha! If you've read this the whole way through then I truly thank you and love you!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx