Friday, 30 March 2012

I Need Your Help!!! - Costume Ideas

Hello lovely ladies,

I hope you've all had a lovely week, mine has been pretty hectic as the final week of term always is when studying alevels, I finally accepted my offers to University so now all I have to do is apply for accomodation and sit my exams -eek!!

I'm planning on doing a post about the application process for University as mine is finally nearly over (woo!) but please let me know whether you guys would be interested :) I'd discuss how I chose the right course, the right university, visits, the application itself etc.

ANYWAY, to the main point of this post, one of my friends at college is having an 18th Birthday party in May and the theme is her initials A and R. This means that I have to come up with a costume that begins with A or R, I want to be a girl character and so far that's the only criteria haha! I know alot of my friends are going all out so if you guys have any ideas it would be much appreciated!

Sorry for such a short post, more will be on the way very soon!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Current Favourites :) + Barry M Nail Polish Giveaway - CLOSED

Hi Guys,

How has your week been so far? The sun has been shining for the past couple of days which instantly puts me in a better mood AND I am going to see the Hunger Games tommorow, for some reason my cinema is showing it a day early so I'm seeing it with my Mum and then my friends on Friday night aswell haha! Who else is going to see it? Which reminds me, I finished Catching Fire and Mockingjay so let me know if you guys would like a post on those.

Anyway, I realised that I haven't done a favourites post in such a long time, so I thought I'd break conventions and do a general one in the middle of March, so let's go!

Boss Orange - For Women
This is my absolute fragrance of all time, in the past year I've been through nearly two bottle of this lovely perfume. It has hints of vanilla and orange blossom, so it smells absolutely gorgeous, if you are on the hunt for a new scent I definetly recommend it!

 Soap and Glory - Thick and Fast Mascara
I actually got this free in Elle magazine recently, some of you guys may have seen the post on it, but this beauty usually retails for £10, and I have to say I probably will repurchase this. This mascara volumises aswell as lenghtens your lashes!
 Tangle Teezer Hairbrush
I'm sure some of you guys will have seen or heard of these hair brushes as they are sold in boots for about £12 which I always thought was rather expensive for a hair brush - so I got  mine for Christmas haha! However, now I've actually used it for a few months I have to say it's worth every penney, it feels so gentle on your hair and gets out every last knot and tangle without ripping all of your hair out!

 Essie - Cute as a Button
This is a typical cult favourite, and I have been wearing this colour nonstop for the past couple of weeks! The polish is a gorgeous corally colour which is perfect for spring. I purchased this in New York last year so I'm not sure if you can buy it in shops in the UK although I know you can get it online :)

 Sex And The City by Eylure - Miranda Lashes
Some of you guys may have seen these in a recent haul, and I recently wore them to a friends birthday, so you can see them in my most recent OOTN here (not very upclose I'm afraid but you get the idea!) The thing I love about these lashes is that they are not too long to make them look un natural, but they add enough length and more volume towards the outer corner of the eye to create the illusion of bigger eyes. For £1.99 in Savers you can't go wrong! I will be stocking up on these!

Now onto non beauty favourites:

 Not the healthiest of food favourites, but recently I've been addicted to Kinder Bueno bars! Yum!

Sunday Lane - Reckless One
My friend actually showed me this song because she heard it on One Tree Hill, which is a show that I don't actually watch, but I might start to! Anyway, this is such a beautiful song, give it a listen! Me and my friends were deciding what the soundtrack to eachothers lives would be during a substitute lesson yesterday, for a secret extra entry to the giveaway below, comment with the soundtrack to your life haha!

Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
So as you guys know I am a massive Taylor Swift fan and a massive Hunger Games fan. So when those two things come together there is a very happy Hannah! I absolutely adore this song, it fits so well with the books! Love love love it!


So a while ago I mentioned in a post that I was planning on doing a 300 follower giveaway, so I've decided to do another Barry M Giveaway anyone can enter it IS INTERNATIONAL

All you lovely ladies have to do to enter is comment with your GFC name below and the colour nail polish you would like to win which you can see here:

Please include the colour polish you would like to win and your email address otherwise you will not be entered (sorry!)

For extra entries you can:
1) Follow me on twitter @IamHannahx and mention this giveaway 1 EXTRA ENTRY
2) Create a post about this giveaway on your blog 1 EXTRA ENTRY
3) Put this giveaway in your sidebar 1 EXTRA ENTRY

This giveaway will close Sunday 15th April 2012 - Midnight UK Time
If you are under 16 please get your parents permission to take part in this giveaway - goodluck! :)

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm Back! - 5 Things With a Story Tag

Hi Girls!

I am so sorry, it's been such a long time since I last blogged, a lot of college and friend related things have kept me very busy, including recieving my January exam results and beginning to apply for student finance for uni - eek! Anyway, my lovely sister Chloe started this 5 Things With a Story tag so I thought I'd join in and show you some things I have with a story!

1. My Board of Stuff (Number 1)
To be perfectly honest I didn't know what to name this so here we go haha! This is a cork board I have hung up in my room with various pictures, tickets, quotes stickers etc. I have tickets from films I've seen, a Disney World Ticket, doodles my friend and I did on a plane at 3am, a ticket and a picture from when my friends and I saw The Wanted last summer, pictures from parties, holidays with Chloe etc. and  a few quotes and song lyrics that I like - this board changes over time!

2. Union Jack Board of Stuff
This board has more things from my travels etc - you can probably see a few train and Tube tickets for various times I've been to London, Cambridge and Thorpe Park, I like to look at the dates because I remember what happened that day etc. I then have a plane ticket from my trip to New York, with tickets for the Empire State Building, The Rockerfeller Centre and a Cruise of The Hudson River. There's also a ticket from when I went to see a play of Frankenstein last October with my college class in Cambridge - we had to run through the whole town at 11 at night and we just made it onto the last train (it was like a movie my friend got on just as the doors were shutting haha!) Finally there's a ticket to the o2 to see the Xfactor Auditions and my ticket holder for Busch Gardens and Seaworld.

3. Tinkerbell TShirt
When I was 10 years old, my family went to Orlando Florida for the first time, which was so exciting for me and Chloe because that meant DISNEY WORLD!!! At the time I was absolutely obsessed with Tinkerbell, so every day I wanted to buy something with Tinkerbell on it, eventually I gave in and used some of the money I'd been saving to get this T-Shirt! I absolutely loved it and wore it all the time :) It's also a lovely reminder of my favourite childhood holiday!

4. Lucky Bracelet
This is my lucky bracelet from when I was in Primary school, in year 6 I remember taking it into my SATs exam and I did well, so after that I took it into every exam throughout school. It's funny because I forgot I had this and I convieniently found it today! I remember how I absolutely adored this because it was so girly, pink and sparkly! Who knows, maybe I'll start taking it into exams again?!

5. Sling Shot TShirt

In 2010 my family and some family friends went back to Florida once again, and if you guys have ever been or live there, you might have seen a place called 'Fun Spot', it's like a fair sort of thing. Well anyway, the day we got there we were driving to our villa and I saw these two giant colourful poles and then saw two people getting thrown up into the air (in a chair ofcourse) getting spun around. My words were "I would never go on that. Ever." Two days later this happened.....

After being flung 400feet up in the air with my friend we got the TShirt as shown above! So that's another item with a story :) I was so scared but I'm really happy I went on it, Chloe took the picture, so when they flung us up in the air everyone looked like ants haha!

I hope you enjoyed this tag guys! I'm going to tag a few of you that my sister hasn't already tagged but please feel free to do the tag if I haven't tagged you :) Please comment if you do this tag, I would love to hear your stories!

Alma -
Perdi -
Lauren -
Jennifer -

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

OOTN: Leopard Print Dress

Hello Sweeties,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, as promised I'm putting up an outfit of the night post from my friends 18th Birthday! Long story short, my camera died so I quickly got Chloe to take a rather rubbish photo on my phone as I was about to leave the house - excuse the pillow and bag below haha! 

Below is a picture taken the day I got the dress although as shown above I got rid of the belt that came with it because it wasn't particularly good quality, but the lighting was better and I thought you might like to see it with a blazer - ANYWAY the dress itself was £10 from Primark, as was the belt which was £2. The shoes were plain black heels shown in my most recent haul from Newlook and were £20, I must say they were so comfortable, I mangaged to stay in them all night!! The blazer was also from Newlook last year so I can't remember how much it costs :( The bag is from Riverisland as a Christmas gift a year ago. I also wore the 'Miranda' Sex in The City false eyelashes by Eyelure which are only £1.99 in savers including glue - bargain! Let me know if you guys would like a post on how to apply false eyelashes because until recently it's always been something I've found tricky! 

Below are a couple of pictures from the night so you might be able to see the makeup a little better!

Also I thought I'd let you Hunger Games fans know that I have just purchased Catching Fire and Mocking Jay, I'm so excited to read them it's not even funny! If you have the shop the works near you they are selling all 3 books for £5?!?!?! Crazy I know, so I gave the first book to one of my friends so hopefully she'll be as hooked as I am!

I've also noticed that I have reached 300 followers, so I would like to say a massive massive thankyou to all my lovely followers, I wouldn't have got this far without you, I feel like some of you are actually my friends! Hopefully in the coming weeks I shall be posting a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that one! I was thinking of another Barry M giveaway or as I can still get my hands on it the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure flakie polish, so let me know which you'd prefer!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

BB Book Club - I Finished The Hunger Games! :D

Hello lovely bloggers!

How has your week been? I've finally managed to hand in all of my English coursework, which meant I was able to finish reading The Hunger Games. I seriously think it is the best book I have read in a very very long time which is saying something considering one of my subjects consists of reading ridiculous amounts of books!

First of all I'd like to tell you about my preconceptions of reading the novel because if you're a bit sceptical this may relate to you! When I very first heard about the Hunger Games about six months ago I completely discounted reading it, I've always been interested in 'girly' types of books and romance novels etc, I've never read Twilight or Harry Potter (Don't hate me!!) so when it came under the genre of action, and was in the childrens section of WH Smiths I assumed it would be too young. However, over the past few months I noticed that with the upcoming release of the movie, Taylor Swift being on the sound track and it's very own nail polish range for China Glaze, I thought that there may be more to the Hunger Games than meets the eye, I heard the constant hype about the book and genuinely became intrigued and wanted to read it. BEST DECISION EVER.

I found the plot fast moving, yet descriptive and informative. I don't want to give any spoilers because I 100% recommend that those of you who have not read the book go and check it out, even if like me you think and action/adventure book is not for you!  This is the blurb:

"Set in a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying reality TV show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live event called The Hunger Games. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. When sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen steps forward to take her younger sister's place in the games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature."

The novel is set in a post apocolyptic World, and the country of Panem is where the United States used to be. The country is split into 12 districts of varying wealth and skill, all of these are ruled by the Capitol who have created the Hunger Games, a televised event in which 1 boy and 1 girl aged 12 -18 from each district must fight until only one is left alive. The protagonist - Katniss is from District 12 which is the poorest of the 12 districts volunteers to be the tribute after her younger sister Prim is selected. I won't discuss what happens after that as I don't want to ruin the book for any of you, but all I can say is that the story is amazing and very thought provoking!

Let me know what you think of The Hunger Games if you have read it, if you haven't would you like to? If you haven't heard Taylor Swifts song for the sound track here is Safe and Sound:

An outfit of the night should be up tommorow afternoon hopefully! :)

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx