Monday, 2 January 2012

Sleek Palette Giveaway Winner!

Hi Guys!

Happy New Year once again! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this so I am going to announce the winner of my Sleek Palette Giveaway. I was over whelmed by the amount of people that entered and the in total 316 entries (which took about a year to write the list of haha!) Thank you so much for all of your tweets and post suggestions, I am certainly going to be using some of them :)

So here is the winner, which I generated through .....

Congratulations to 'Bunny' or Alma from :) I have already emailed you with the details of the giveaway so the Storm Palette will be on its way to you very shortly! You guys should definetly check out her blog!

For those of you that did not win, thank you for participating, I'm sure I'll be doing another giveaway in the future! I'm off to do some revision before going back to college tommorow!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx