Sunday, 15 January 2012

Looks for Less - Rose Gold Watches

Hi Guys,

As I'm sure alot of you all know Rose Gold Watches have been everywhere recently, and I personally LOVE them! So here are some of the more expensive rose gold watches that I've been drooling over!

Rose Gold Watches

However, if like me you don't want to break the bank here are some cheaper alternatives I have found :)

This one reminds me of the Michael Kors style watches and for £18.99 it's a steal, I think it looks fairly expensive for the price it costs and I love the detailing!

This is the simplest of the watches I chose, I think this one is very pretty and I love the tiny diamante detailing on it.

This is the cheapest of the three watches, and I love it! I think rosegold may not be a trend I'll love forever so to spend £15 on a watch is not a big deal! Like the others I love it!

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you would like me to do more of these Looks for Less posts, and let me know your opinion on rose gold watches! 

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx


  1. My god, what I would do for that Juicy one... My sister recently bought a rose gold watch. Whenever say just straight "gold" she always corrects them swiftly with "ROSE gold." Beautiful choices of watches!


  2. Thanks for the comment Alma :) I love them all so much!! Your sister seems really funny haha!

    Hannah xx

  3. Wow they are great cheaper alternatives. The coleen one is cute, wish gold suited me as I really love these watches :( xx

    1. I love the Coleen one too! I'm sure it would suit you :)

      Hannah xx

  4. I love rose gold watches, they are so beautiful and classy!


  5. I am so very in love with that Michael Kors watch :P

  6. love the last one!

    xoxo navy & orange

  7. Wow, they’re as exquisite as those brand-named watches. I don’t think the rose-gold trend will end anytime soon. They look so gorgeous, that they practically go well with any outfit you opt to. Anyway, thanks for sharing this look-for-less trick!

    Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!