Thursday, 9 May 2013

Guess Who's Back?! - Catch Up Time

Hello lovely bloggers!

So I think I owe you all an explanation as I have most definitely been MIA for the past 10 months. As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter you will know that A LOT had changed in my life since the last time we spoke. The biggest change being that I have moved from Essex to the lovely city of Canterbury to go to university!

I currently live with seven girls who are all wonderful, five of whom I am going to live with for the next two years! I thought I'd do some updates in picture form!

(Left to Right)
1. Some of my flatmates - with mustaches and attractive faces. 2. Myself and my twin Chloe on Christmas day 2012! 3.Last Friday my Mum, her friend and I went to see BBC 3 show Sweat the Small Stuff be filmed in London, we met the very friendly comedian Sean Walsh! 4. This Easter my Mum and I went to Portugal, this was the gorgeous beach. 5. My bedroom door at uni, we all have Disney princesses on our doors :) 6. About two weeks after we began uni we had our first flat inspection. We failed. Moral of the story - do not have a party the night before!! 7. Planet Hollywood with my lovely mum, sister and family friends. 8. The drawing round of our pub quiz, our team chose to draw Nicki Minaj and we won no points! Robbed? I think so. 9. Night out with my lovely friends!

(Left to Right)
1 + 4. Being the mature 19 year old I am, I went to the zoo with my friend Shannon instead of revising, I met a Zebra and a Cheetah! 2. Last week my flatmates and I played Articulate, needless to say my team lost! 3. Wearing a wristband for a week can only result in ridiculous tan burn lines. 5. Chloe thought it would be funny to request Domino's to draw a cat on our box. Much to our amusement they did. 6. Our journey home from uni took a detour through Brentwood when there was an accident on the M25. This resulted in meeting Harry from TOWIE in his shop!! 7. My lovely flatmate Amy and I sitting front row at Take Me Out last December. 8. The chalkboard in our kitchen with Charlotte's wonderful sea monkeys drawing "They are not toys or pets, they're family". 9. Winter Wonderland with some of my besties!

So I hope you have enjoyed this little update! I hope to be posting more regularly from now on. I'll be doing a mixture of posts from beauty, to life updates, and even advice posts if you're interested!

If you are reading this thank you for sticking with me through my rather long absence! Speak to you all soon!

Stay Beautiful,

Hannah xx


  1. YAAAY! so glad you're back to blogging! literally was scrolling down my feed and saw 'Life Sparkles' and was like omg what! Haha! Lovely pictures! love the Disney princess on your bedroom door, so cute! You and Chloe look lovely on Christmas, very pretty!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. Thank you my lovely! I thought it was about time haha! Thank you, we used to have mean girls characters on our kitchen cupboards, I had Karen!! Thank you :)