Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hi there...

Hi guys, I'm Hannah!
If you're reading this it's probably because my twin sister Chloe from thebeautycorner sent you here.

That's me on the right! So I think I should let you guys know a little bit about me, so I'm going to write 5 facts about me :)
1. I'm 9 minutes younger than Chloe who claims that was the best nine minutes of her life! But she's only joking (I hope!!!)
2.My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, yes I am one of those girls who sings into a hair brush and dances around her bedroon when no ones there!
3. I'm currently at college, studying for my last year of ALevels, my subjects are Psychology, Sociology and English Literature. I have just finished applying for universities! (Scary Stuff) When the process of getting accepted and moving away from home comes around I can write some blogs for those of you who are going through the same thing, or will be in the coming years :)
4. Two things I'm obsessed with - Nail Polish and LUSH enough said ;)
5. I'm always on twitter! Follow if you like :) @IamHannahx

This blog is going to be a mismatch of different mostly beauty related things, but I would just like to say I'm not an expert on makeup, so I'll leave the tutorials to my Sis! Although I may still review my favourite products, as well as different tips and tricks, hauls, nail tutorials and generally my life!
I hope you've enjoyed this brief introduction, please comment with any post suggestions or questions you have, and let me know who you are so I can read your blog :)

Stay Beautiful,
Hannah x


  1. hi hannah~!
    i found your blog from your sister blog (chloe) XD
    follow u already~ waiting for your next post~

    hope you follow me back ;D


  2. Hi I am Maria nice to meet you can't wait for the upcoming post!